LeakAlarms.com Moisture Meters Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter LCD Moisture Tester for Wood Moisture Detector for Firewood Paper Humidity Measuring Include 9V Battery with 2 Test Probe Pins

Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter LCD Moisture Tester for Wood Moisture Detector for Firewood Paper Humidity Measuring Include 9V Battery with 2 Test Probe Pins

This Proster Digital Wood Moisture Meter Provides 18 Months Warranty.

Displays wood moisture in LCD
Use on wood, paper, cardboard, etc
Electrode pins: Integrated
Measurement principle: Electrical resistance
Memory contains 4 wood groups with calibrations for approximately 50 species of wood
Impact proof housing
Auto power off conserves battery energy
Data hold function
Built-in battery check and low battery icon display
Complete with protective cap, and carrying case

Measurement principle: Electrical resistance
Range: 0~99.9% wood
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Electrode length: 10mm (0.4″)
Electrode pins: Integrated
Auto Power Off: After approx.15 minutes
Power Supply: 1 x 9V battery(included)
Meter housing material: ABS Plastic
Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32°F~104°F)
Operating Humidity: 85% Relative Humidity Maximum
Dimension: 145 x 67 x 32mm
Color: Gray

Wood species Group Table:
A: Teak Walnut Afromosia Rubber tree
B: Keruing White poplar Beech Cedar Tola
C: Lauan Ash Elm Fir Maple Padauk Tola
D: Basswood Larch Pine Birch

How to use:
STEP 1: Take off the protection cap of the meter, and press “POWER” button
STEP 2: Press “MODE” to select matching wood groups
STEP 3: Pushed the pins into the wood, and it displays reading
STEP 4: Until the reading stability, Press “HOLD”, and you can read the record
STEP 5: Press “POWER” button to close the device, or 15m Auto power off function save your battery

Package Included:
1 * Damp Meter
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • 【Wide Use】 This Digital Moisture Meter is perfect for wood, firewood, logs, cardboard, paper and so on.
  • 【High Accurate Measure】 Measuring wood by sensitive electrode pins at the range of 0-99.9% and accuracy is less than ±0.5%.
  • 【4 Modes】 You can switch different modes according to 4 wood groups, including approximately 50 species of wood, which makes measure more accurate.
  • 【Convenient Design】 Large HD LCD with Data Hold function to show measure results; Auto power off to save battery power (battery NOT include); Low battery icon display. Ergonomic design provides great hand feeling.
  • 【Economic Material】 Made of ABS Plastic for superior durability. Comes with environmental packaging.

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Calculated Industries 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter Detects Hidden Leaks and Moisture | Combo Non-invasive Pad + Pin Sensors | for Restoration Contractors, Woodworkers, DIYsCalculated Industries 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter Detects Hidden Leaks and Moisture | Combo Non-invasive Pad + Pin Sensors | for Restoration Contractors, Woodworkers, DIYs

The 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter is ideal for helping you measure moisture content in hardwood, lumber, wood flooring, brick, concrete, drywall and plaster. Its dual-sensor system can help you speed up and improve your moisture detection using either its pad or pins. It’s the best of both worlds.

WOODWORKERS AND CRAFTSMEN — can check moisture content percentage quickly and easily with the moisture meter’s dual function before purchasing or using lumber and hardwoods.

PRO AND DIY REMODELERS — discover hidden water damage in floors, walls and under carpets due to roof leaks, flooding, burst pipes, underground seepage or other water sources. Locating high levels of moisture content can help you know where to repair to avoid further damage and to stop toxic mold or other health risks.

YOU CAN EASILY SEE — AccuMASTER’s large, well-designed LCD display and always-on backlight means you can easily read it in dimly lit jobsites, lumberyards, workshops, or even at your wood pile at night. Plus, the Hold function lets you freeze a reading on the display for viewing at a more convenient angle.

USER FRIENDLY, SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND – In pin mode firmly push the (replaceable) sharp, stainless steel pins into test material. Or, in pad mode place the back of the meter on the surface you want to test. The easy-to-read digits and clearly-designed icons tell you immediately if the moisture content is high, medium or low. Plus, there are optional audible alerts so you can hear the level even if you are in a dark or awkward space where you can’t see the screen. The sturdy, hand-friendly shape and rubber side grips let you take measurements in comfort.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET TO WORK — The sturdy AccuMASTER XT Moisture Meter offers accuracy and user-friendly features. Includes a 9-volt battery, batter-saving auto shut-off (3 mins), User’s Guide and a one-year warranty.

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Product Features

  • CHECK MOISTURE CONTENT QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY- detector offers ideal dual functions of pin and pinless sensors in one. Use the pinless pad feature to test a large area more quickly without damage. Switch to pins for accurate tests at various depths
  • CHECK LUMBER AND HARDWOOD BEFORE BUILDING AND WOODWORKING – Know the moisture content of your wood to make sure you’re not using damp, moist wood on your projects to avoid cracks, splits, warping. Ensure wood flooring has acclimated before installing
  • PERFECT FOR HOME INSPECTIONS – Use pad for quick non-invasive pinless scanning during an inspection to find moisture behind a wall or under a floor. Once you locate high moisture areas, use pin feature to identify problem spots and potential leaks
  • EASY TO USE – Large easy-to-read backlit display. Sturdy, hand-friendly tester body feels solid when pressing replaceable pins into materials. Hold key freezes reading. Test lumber or building materials – brick, concrete, drywall, plaster and carpet
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES YOU WANT – Moisture level indicated by numeric display, icons and optional audio alerts showing the moisture content as high, medium or low. Accuracy ±3%. Includes battery-saving auto shut-off, protective cap, 9V battery

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